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Placement games are the 10 most important games of your entire ranked season. A good placement result gives you enormous benefits.

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Please prioritize at least two positions and 3 characters in each.

You can select exactly which champions & roles you want us to play for you! We will always respect your choice once you’ve made your selection. This of course is not mandatory.


Choose 3-4 heroes per role. Your priority role should be marked with 1, secondary role 2, etc. If you want us to avoid playing heroes that you usually don’t play, select multiple roles and just a few heroes. Note: This option is only available for accounts up to 3500 SR in any region!

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About Placement Matches

We’ve all experienced it; you start the ranked season off with your promotional games, only to be met with one of the fiercest losing streaks of your life. You end up around 1-9 and end up a potential 1000 SR lower than your previous rank! This means you’ll have to spend a whole month climbing back to where you used to be. Since placement matches are so important, we decided to make a boosting option specifically designed for these games. While it is possible for us to get your account back to where it’s supposed to be after you ruined your placement games, this would be extremely costly compared to simply leaving your placement games in safe hands with us.

Do not risk the possibility of ruining your entire ranked season by going on a losing streak during your placement matches. Let us handle the pressure of completing these games, and guarantee yourself a high rank to start off on this season. After we’re done, you can enjoy playing the rest of the season without wasting any time or effort trying to climb back up to your old rank. In fact, you’ll most likely start with a higher rank than before!

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1 days
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We will always use our offline mode tool to keep your games as private as possible while you can still spectate the games! We have currently very low queue and your order will be started immediately!